NEJCFIT: Five summer slimdown tips from Fusion Fitness

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It’s important to challenge yourself – but to always stay positive and speak to yourself in a kind voice.

By Darby Brender

The bikinis and sunscreen in the front of Target aren’t the only reminders we have that summer is coming and the baring of our bodies is no longer far enough away to blow it off for “just one more week.” It’s here ladies, and it’s time to make choices to help us feel confident and in love with ourselves as we slip off our shorts at the pool. I know for me the idea of hiding under layer upon layer of winter clothes gets me a little more comfortable with the idea of eating just a little more, drinking just a couple more glasses of wine, and choosing to stay in the cozy warmth of home rather than brave the cold on the way to Fusion.

BUT, the good thing is that the raise in temps lately also raises my desire to eat healthier and push myself even harder in classes.

Here are five of my top tips for slimming down for this summer:

This Sponsored Column is brought to you by Fusion Fitness. With locations in old Overland Park and Mission Farms, it’s become the go-to location for northeast Johnson County moms looking to stay fit and look great. Fusion’s classes are totally different from traditional group exercise which focus on building major muscle groups. Fusion puts a focus on strengthening all the muscles in your body, big and small – finding muscles you may have never even thought about. Find out more here.

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