Prairie Village Mayoral candidates on the issues: What makes you the best candidate to lead Prairie Village?

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Today we finish up with the Prairie Village Mayoral candidates’ responses to our election issues questionnaire.

Here’s item number five:

What makes you the best candidate to lead Prairie Village government the next four year and possibly beyond?

Eric Mikkelson

Here are a few of the reasons why I am the best candidate to lead Prairie Village government:

I am in favor of maintaining the character of our neighborhoods with the reasonable Phase 2 residential guidelines on teardowns. My opponent repeatedly voted to undermine and kill those guidelines.

I made a motion to reduce your 2018 property tax rate. My opponent voted against it.

I served a full term on the city council, on my homes association board, and as a municipal judge.

I successfully worked with others to create two new PV parks from inception, including using a creative TIF to finance Meadowbrook Park. My opponent states she would “never” support a TIF.

I have been a consistent champion of expanding bike and walkability in Prairie Village.

I am a successful business owner and business lawyer.

I have a college degree and a law degree. I am also a graduate of the Prairie Village Citizens Police Academy.

During my time on council I was a consensus builder, including keeping Prairie Village fiscally strong as the Chair of the Finance Committee. I made a successful motion, unanimously backed by that committee, to reject a public financing request for a multi-story parking garage in Corinth Shops.

I am in favor of an NDO. My opponent tried to defeat it, suggesting Prairie Village public restaurants could refuse to serve gay residents based on religious grounds.

I raised my family here, consistently voted in elections, and actively engaged in the community to support our Prairie Village schools. The first local election my opponent voted in was 2016 when she ran for Council.

I kept my campaign focused on the issues and voting records, refraining from the personal character attacks and extremism that poisons so much of our politics. As a result, I earned the support and endorsements of moderate, bipartisan groups such as Mainstream Coalition’s MainPac as well as prominent Prairie Village pillars of the community across the political spectrum.

These distinctions make me the best candidate to lead Prairie Village into the future. If you agree, please vote for Eric Mikkelson on November 6.

If you can do more to ensure that Prairie Village elects engaged, experienced, effective leadership, please visit www.mikkelsonforpv.com to contact me and find out how you can help the campaign.

Thank you!

Serena Schermoly

I am asking to represent all residents of Prairie Village because we need a mayor we can trust. We need someone who represents our community in a non-partisan, collaborative manner. My professional experience has given me the skills and temperament to lead, listen, get input from all stakeholders and make decisions that lead us forward.

I’m not a lawyer, I’m a mother, who has had to work hard for everything I have gotten in my life. I quit school when I was a senior in high school and I found I couldn’t get into the college I wanted to go to, because my school was not accredited. I worked two jobs until I was able to go to college. The month before I left, I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter. As a young expectant mother, raised by her grandparents, I had three options, adoption, abortion or I was on my own. Well, I took my own path. It wasn’t always easy but, my 26-year-old daughter is more than worth the law degree I sought.

When I was young I was a single struggling mother, I worked hard to pay the bills like many residents of Prairie Village. I understand struggling for the extra few dollars that it cost for school fees, child care, increases in utility bills, rising property taxes. I have been there, but, I didn’t quit, or blame others for the circumstances of life. I had to work hard. When I moved to Prairie Village I found my home. I got involved in my community, to help out where I could.

As Mayor, I would encourage a robust volunteer corps and focused public engagement to explore what’s possible with Property Tax Relief, or Aging in Place, enhancing beautification, working with our schools, and any other opportunity to do more with the resources we already possess. I am committed to environmental issues, finding grants, building our bike and pedestrian paths while protecting our trees, strengthening our Arts programming, from additional concerts, a volunteer orchestra, choir, theater group. There are endless possibilities. We will accomplish much more by bringing our voices and our visions together under a Mayor who listens and has a “pitch in and help” attitude. This is not about me this is about us.

I have a passion for Prairie Village. As your mayor, I would have the right attitude and temperament to be the best candidate to work with other council members and city employees to negotiate positive solutions and to reestablish a harmonious atmosphere for the betterment of our city. I want to be your mayor in order to work hard to maintain the quality of life in Prairie Village. I will not use my position to simply add to my resume so as to create a stepping stone for higher elected office.

Our city is my sole priority.

Please vote for Serena Schermoly for Mayor on November 6th. www.serenaschermoly.org

That’s it! Thanks to both candidates for their participation

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