Your Community: Johnson County Librarians’ space-themed picks

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Is your summer reaching lift-off? This month is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing and the 60th anniversary of NASA. Johnson County Library is celebrating these milestones with a space-themed summer reading theme, “A Universe of Stories.”

Join the space race with some of these reading lists compiled and recommended by your local librarians. Click the links to see all the books and titles available at your Library this summer!

Astronaut Biographies
From Sally Ride to Neil Armstrong, get acquainted with the famous figures who have made their way to space. Or, learn the stories of lesser-known astronauts who have also made history.

Want to meet an astronaut in person? Mike Massimino, author of “Spaceman,” visits Johnson County Library on August 1.

Women in Space
“Our 2019 Summer Reading theme of ‘A Universe of Stories’ makes me think of one of my favorite genres – science fiction. Given that the genre is nearly as vast as the space that inspires so much of it, I decided to narrow my focus a bit to stories that center compelling female characters and their adventures with or in space. You might even say these protagonists are… out of this world.”
–Hebah A.

The Perils of Space
“Space exploration is risky. And it’s not just the successes that bring advancements—but the failures as well.”
–Margaret O.

The Space Race: From Here to There
“Celebrate this summer’s reading theme – ‘Universe of Stories’ – with the epic story of humanity’s desire to leave this planet to make contact with something that for most of our time on this planet has been just out of reach – the moon. Mostly framed as a struggle of scientific (and cultural) progress between the United States and the Soviet Union in the mid twentieth century, these stories are of the men, women, (and sometimes animals!) who would change the world.”
–Gregg W.

“Jupiter, the gas giant, is the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter’s swirling, pearlescent bands and Great Red Spot are fascinating. It is still a mystery what lies at the center of the planet under the hydrogen and helium atmosphere. Enjoy learning, exploring, watching, and dreaming of Jupiter.”
–Kari E.

A Multiverse of Stories
If a universe of stories isn’t enough, how about a multiverse? These books and movies involve multiple universes. There really is no end to the stories we can tell!

Find more space-themed summer reads at jocolibrary.org/summerreading.