Inside JCPRD: Gymnastics goes virtual 

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By Gymnastics Coordinator Kendra Martiny

 Many families have expressed a preference right now for limiting their time spent in indoor, public areas, so JCPRD saw the potential to adapt programs and classes to fit patrons’ needs, one of those programs being gymnastics. Gymnastics coordinators spent several weeks redesigning curricula and developing lessons for participants that would be accessible and easily implemented at home. Coordinators closely collaborated with an outside expert who had been offering virtual classes for several years, and with their insights and recommendations, selected a class format that would work best for the sport of gymnastics, facility setup, and target audience. 

 With a little adaptation and creativity, just about anything can be offered virtually. The virtual classes have been carefully adapted to ensure they can be performed safely at home without the use of equipment. Participants don’t have to have all the apparatuses to learn gymnastics, they just have to be willing to work hard and try new things!

 So far, public reaction to the virtual programs has been very positive.

 Parents love having the option to take classes online, and they have been responsive to efforts to continually make adjustments to ensure JCPRD is providing a high-quality product. The mom of one of the Kansas Kips competitive team participants said, “I cannot express how appreciative I am that you guys started live streaming practice. It brings me so much joy that I can sit at home and watch Zohey practice.” Another positive result of live streaming has been from families with younger children in the recreational program. Parents have shared stories of their preschool-age children pulling up the live Facebook stream to watch the competitive team girls complete their workouts in the mornings, and how watching the older girls do “cool tricks” has been inspiring their budding athletes to practice more at home.

For the fall sessions of classes, the JCPRD gymnastics program has expanded their virtual offerings, including additional gymnastics classes for youth participants for levels 1, 2, and 3, as well as two new preschool-age virtual classes, appropriate for children 18 months to five years of age, with an adult.

To register for a virtual gymnastics class, please visit https://johnsoncountyparksandrecreation.perfectmind.com/22986/Store/BookMe4?widgetId=aa29512e-c721-4070-99c5-817022652f3b

For all our traditional, in-person youth offerings, check out https://johnsoncountyparksandrecreation.perfectmind.com/22986/Clients/BookMe4?widgetId=022988a2-9b30-4b42-8fca-9fb3dc527811

For all our traditional, in-person preschool offerings, check out https://johnsoncountyparksandrecreation.perfectmind.com/22986/Clients/BookMe4?widgetId=d9611989-bb71-4881-9d2c-50342b30754d

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Kendra Martiny is the Gymnastics Coordinator for the Johnson County Parks and Recreation District. A proud alumna of Northwest Missouri State University and the University of Missouri, with undergraduate degrees in Elementary and Special Education, and a master’s degree in Special Education with an Autism Emphasis, Kendra has been involved in the sport of gymnastics for nearly three decades. First as an athlete and now as a coach for the past nine years, Kendra provides gymnastics instruction to all ages and ability levels, from two-year-old recreation participants to competitive-level athletes, as well as oversees the administrative responsibilities of the JCPRD gymnastics program.

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