These 28 Prairie Village residential streets are set to get repairs this year

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Dozens of residential streets in Prairie Village are on track for repairs this year.

What happened: The city council committee of the whole on May 2 approved a recommendation to authorize Mayor Eric Mikkelson to sign a contract with Kansas City-based Vance Brothers, Inc., for the city’s 2022 crack seal program.

This program authorizes repairs and crack sealing on nearly 30 residential streets citywide.

The city council will consider final approval for the more than $300,000 expenditure at its May 16 meeting on the consent agenda — as well as a three-year program with Vance Brothers.

What streets? Here’s a look at the residential streets set to get repairs this year and also what kinds of work will be done on each street, as outlined in city documents.

  • 88th Street, east from Somerset Drive, micro surfaced
  • Catalina Street at 93rd Street, micro surface
  • 94th Street between Roe Avenue and Delmar Street, micro surfaced
  • 90th Terrace, micro surfaced between Roe and Delmar; patched between Delmar and Mission Road
  • Rosewood Drive (cul-de-sac) west from Rosewood Drive (thru street) off 87th Street, micro surfaced
  • Birch Street between 87th Street and Rosewood Drive, micro surfaced
  • Delmar Street between Somerset Drive and 83rd Street, patched
  • 84th Street between Fontana and Roe Avenue, micro surfaced
  • Linden Drive between 83rd Terrace and 85th Street, micro surfaced
  • Outlook Lane between 81st Terrace and 83rd Street, patched
  • Delmar Street north from Somerset Drive, micro surfaced
  • 80th Street between Rosewood Drive and Nall Avenue, micro surfaced
  • Maple Drive between 81st and 79th Streets, micro surfaced
  • Reinhardt Lane between 79th Street and Somerset Drive, micro surfaced
  • Aberdeen Street between 77th and 79th Streets, micro surfaced
  • 78th Terrace between Roe and Fontana, micro surfaced
  • 78th Street between Roe and Juniper, micro surfaced
  • 76th Street between Roe and Briar Drive, micro surfaced
  • 75th Terrace between Tomahawk Road and 75th Street, micro surfaced
  • Ash Drive between Tomahawk Road and 75th Street, micro surfaced
  • 73rd Terrace between Mission Road and Windsor Street, micro surfaced
  • 72nd Street between 71st Terrace and Cherokee Drive, micro surfaced
  • Linden Street between 70th Terrace and 71st Street, micro surfaced
  • Granada Road between 67th and 69th Streets, micro surfaced
  • 72nd Terrace between Mission Road and Village Drive, patched
  • 68th Street between Nall Avenue and Fonticello Street, micro surfaced
  • 66th Street between Roe Avenue and El Monte Street, micro surfaced
  • Homestead Drive between Roe Avenue and Granada Street, micro surfaced

What is micro surface and crack seal? Micro surfacing is a maintenance tool used to extend the existing pavement’s life cycle, according to city documents. It’s aimed at preserving existing asphalt and is not as invasive a process as completely resurfacing a roadway.

Meanwhile, crack seal uses “a joint sealant for cracks and joints,” ultimately preventing “water from entering the base of the pavement,” according to city documents.

City staff made a distinction between the process Prairie Village uses and chip seal, which has proven controversial in neighboring Overland Park.

Key quote: “This is not a chip seal product,” Melissa Prenger, a senior project manage with city public works, said. “Chip seal is loose aggregate that is bound underneath by the emulsion. This [micro surface and crack seal] is a product that is completely encapsulated in the emulsion.”

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