Overland Park looks to approve $5M in upcoming chip seal work

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Overland Park city council is set to vote Monday night on the use of $5 million in chip seal as part of the its annual street maintenance program.

Driving the news: The Overland Park Public Works Committee on Wednesday voted to recommend approval of the city’s 2023 annual maintenance programs for street, stormwater and traffic repairs.

  • The maintenance programs include contracted major repairs, preservation, rehabilitation or replacement of stormwater, street and traffic infrastructure.
  • The city approved the program’s budget as part of a 50-year financial plan for capital improvements and maintenance programs.
  • With the programs, the goal is to keep infrastructure in “good” condition, extend useful life and stay ahead of failures, according to city documents.

Street maintenance program: The committee approved a roughly $21.5 million total budget for street maintenance, including about $5 million going towards chip seal for 166 lane miles.

  • Another $1.9 million is put aside for 6 lane miles’ worth of residential overlay, while $4.3 million will go toward 16 lane miles of thoroughfare overlay.
  • With the maintenance program, the city is also setting aside $1 million for its crack seal program, which is the process of placing an adhesive sealant into cracks on street surfaces. The process prevents moisture and road debris from getting inside the pavement, according to city documents.
  • A full list of the 2023 street maintenance repairs can be found here.
A draft map outlining which roads will be receiving repairs as part of the 2023 maintenance program. Roads outlined in red will are expected to get chip seal treatment.
A draft map outlining which roads will receive repairs as part of the 2023 maintenance program. Roads outlined in red are expected to get chip seal treatment. Image via Overland Park city documents.

Other maintenance programs: In addition to street maintenance, the committee also approved $2.1 million for the stormwater maintenance program and $750,000 for the traffic maintenance program.

  • Major storm sewer repair work for 2023 is slated for the following areas:
    • West 97th and Cedar streets
    • Lowell Avenue and West 113th Terrace
    • Indian Creek Drive east of Lamar Avenue
    • 8509 Robinson St.
    • Downstream bridge apron replacement on Gillette Street, north of West 119th Street
    • Pipe condition assessment at various sites
  • The $750,000 for traffic maintenance is slated toward traffic signal replacement at West 87th Street and Antioch Road, and streetlight replacement of street lights near West 91st and Bond streets.

What’s next for Overland Park’s 2023 annual maintenance programs?

Now that the 2023 maintenance programs received approval from the committee, it must now come before the Overland Park City Council for final approval.

  • The items will be up for discussion and voted upon at the Oct. 3 council meeting.

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