Know Your Rights: Foster Wallace wins big for recent Johnson County clients

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At Foster Wallace, we pride ourselves on being fierce advocates on behalf of the victims of accidents. Our goal is to take away the worry about getting compensation for injuries suffered on account of someone else’s actions or negligence so that our clients can focus on what’s most important: Getting better.

Below are summaries of just a few of the results we’ve won for Johnson County clients who hired us to provide legal representation.

$365,000 Settlement for Mission Car Wreck

A Foster Wallace client settled his car wreck claim for $365,000 after he was injured on I-35 highway in Mission, Kansas after being rear ended. The interesting part about this case is our client did not seek medical treatment for three weeks after the wreck and the police report did not indicate that our client even sustained injuries. Our client eventually presented himself to a chiropractor but because of increased pain checked himself into a hospital in the Kansas City area for back pain. We were able to obtain expert testimony that the wreck caused the back injuries and that he would need future treatment going forward. After mediation, the case settled for $365,000. Our client is thrilled with the result.

Overland Park car accident case settles for $237,500

A very nice young lady settled her case for $237,500 after she was injured while at work in Overland Park by a driver who pushed the gas rather than the brake while in the parking lot of a large hardware store. The case settled at mediation after a lawsuit was filed and after depositions were taken of the expert witnesses. The defendant’s insurance company made their top offer of $62,000 pre-suit. We believed the damages were much higher and filed suit. The case settled after Foster Wallace engaged two expert witnesses who testified about our client’s future treatment she would need. Our client was very happy with the settlement and the ability to now make a down payment on a house with her proceeds.

$100,000 Policy Limits Settlement for Overland Park Car Wreck

Our client settled his case for the at-fault driver’s insurance policy limits of $100,000 after he was injured by the at-fault driver who ran a red light in Overland Park, Kansas and caused a shoulder injury that eventually led to a surgery. The insurance company balked at paying the policy limits but after we hired a doctor who put together a report that our client would have future issues with his shoulder, they eventually paid the $100,000 policy limits before we had to file a lawsuit in Johnson County, Kansas. Our client is ecstatic with the result.

Lenexa Car Wreck Settles for $70,000

A woman injured in a car wreck in Lenexa, Kansas settled her case for $70,000 after a lawsuit was filed. Our client, a passenger in a vehicle that was heading home from work, was struck by a driver heading the opposite way down a busy street, sending her to the hospital. After multiple chiropractic visits and injections for the back pain she was experiencing, she agreed to accept $70,000 after she filed a lawsuit in Johnson County, Kansas and the defense took the case seriously. Our client was very pleased with the outcome.

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