Homebody Living: Coffee craze – stirring up the best java joints in KC this fall!

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Alright, Coffee Comrades of Kansas City! It’s the fall season, when the breezy swirls of leaves are dancing with our steamy coffee breaths. So, gear up and get on a quest to discover the coziest nooks and the most tantalizing brews. Here’s the insider scoop on the best coffee hotspots in the city.

  1. The Roasterie
    The OG! The Roasterie at 1204 W 27th St is still whippin’ up concoctions that are total game-changers. It’s the original snug haven where you can embrace your mug and absorb the KC vibes.
  2. Thou Mayest – River Quay
    Nestled in the bustling heart at 412 Delaware St, Thou Mayest – River Quay is a brew wizard. This serene spot is where you uncork your senses and let the coffee fragrances lead you to your happy place.
  3. Oddly Correct
    Pop by 3940 Main St to get your quirk on at Oddly Correct. With their playful flavor spins, every sip is a flavorful surprise party. Bring it on, fall!
  4.  Second Best Coffee
    Nothing second best about this one. Find your way to 328 W 85th St. where Second Best Coffee is tucked into a strip mall that also houses a vintage bar, Corner Cocktail, for your afternoon drinks.
  5. Black Dog Coffeehouse
    Flock to 12815 W 87th St Pkwy to be part of the Black Dog Coffeehouse tribe! Their loyal following extends beyond coffee to their wide array of baked goods through a partnership with Ibis Bakery. Gluten avoider? They’ve got you.
  6. Filling Station Coffee Garage
    Get your coffee fix without getting out of your car at 2980 McGee Trafficway. The Filling Station Coffee Garage is the perfect pitstop for those craving a taste of coffee craftsmanship while wearing a seatbelt.

Get Your Fall Groove On:

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Kansas City’s buzzing coffee realm is a flavorful spectacle, all set to add that spicy kick to your fall. And remember, if visions of home-brewed coffees are dancing in your head, we at Fountain Mortgage are just a call away to make those frothy dreams come true! Keep it steamy, KC!

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