Houses in new subdivision near downtown Shawnee hitting market soon

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After years of discussion, houses on a new 14-lot, single-family home subdivision in Shawnee will be hitting the market soon.

A single road and a cul-de-sac off Nieman Road south of 55th Street, Stag’s Garden is a mixture of seven homes and seven lots. Developer Kevin Tubbesing said the goal is to raise the area up to a new standard, with high-quality building materials and appliances.

“We didn’t want to just come into a neighborhood that has lower-valued homes surrounding us and just try to meet that grade sort of home,” he said. “We wanted to bring up the neighborhood and bring up the community.”

The project brings new homes to Shawnee

Tubbesing said the project is the first of its kind in a long while to bring all-new homes to the vacant subdivision.

“This is the first infill development in this trade area,” he said. “It’s the first new homes that have been built, more than onesie-twosie, probably in five decades.”

The six homes that Tubbesing built range in price from $490,000 to $505,000. They include amenities like smart appliances, app or voice-controlled lights and rooms with modern designs and features.

The homes are expected to hit the market in the next couple of weeks, with sales expected in the spring. Buyers can also purchase lots around the development’s cul-de-sac that will support single-story villas and two-story homes.

The project also saved an old farmhouse

Tubbesing said a point of pride of the development was being able to save and remodel the 1938 farmhouse that greets visitors at the entrance to the subdivision. The farmhouse will also be up for sale.

“We spent about $150 grand on it and brought it up and remodeled it,” he said.

The farmhouse was built by the family that owned and harvested the surrounding land in the subdivision.

Stag's Garden
Stag’s Garden developer Kevin Tubbesing. Photo credit Andrew Gaug.

It was originally planned as townhomes

In 2021, Tubbesing originally planned Stag’s Garden as an $11 million, 26-townhome project.

After protests from neighbors, the Shawnee City Council voted it down. In 2022, Tubbesing revised and submitted it to the city as single-family homes.

Despite being pleased with the subdivision, Tubbesing still defends the original idea.

“It would have been the best thing for the area to bring additional density to the downtown area,” he said. “Because at the end of the day, the more people who live in a given area, the more of them patronize the things around it.”

The subdivision aims to bring more people downtown

One of the main goals was to build a subdivision within proximity to downtown Shawnee, allowing people to walk or bike or to local businesses and parks.

“The location is amazing,” he said. “When you’re a three-minute walk to [local drink spot] Drastic Measures, I think you’re doing well.”

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