Body Fit Training opening new studio at Overland Park’s Prairiefire

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A new studio with a “science-based” approach to fitness will begin offering exercise training to Johnson Countians this week.

Body Fit Training will officially open its new Overland Park studio on May 16 — though classes are already open for booking.

Body Fit Training operates at 6285 W. 135th St.

  • The studio moved into a space at the Prairiefire shopping center, just off West 135th Street and Lamar Avenue.
  • Sprint formerly occupied the space, before the company merged with T-Mobile in 2020 and closed its retail stores.
  • The studio also neighbors HomeGoods and the French Tip nail salon at Prairiefire.

Body Fit Training offers “high intensity” group workouts

Body Fit Training offers 13 different group classes — each offering different “high intensity” forms of cardio, strength training or aerobic exercise.

Exercisers at Body Fit Training can either opt for a drop-in class or choose from a variety of membership options.

Regan Hahn, manager at Body Fit Training in Overland Park, said the studio follows a “progressive program” — meaning its workout programs take a scientific approach to tracking fitness results. In classes, members receive a wearable device that tracks their live heart rate and metabolic data — which they can see on a screen in front of them as they work out.

Hahn likened the Body Fit Training experience to getting the individualized attention of a one-on-one personal trainer, while still getting the social benefits of a group class.

“When you apply a progressive-structured program where we can track results and progress in a group setting but still provide individualized attention, that’s a huge value for our members,” she said. “We can achieve that same individualization accountability and program design while implementing the actual workouts themselves in a fun, energetic group setting.”

This marks the first Body Fit Training studio in JoCo

Body Fit Training originated in Australia, but was acquired by Xponential Fitness in 2021 — a California-based “boutique” fitness training company with studios across the United States.

Wendy and Stephen Summerlin, local franchise owners of the studio, said they intend to expand Body Fit Training’s presence in Johnson County in the coming years.

“It’s going to explode,” Wendy said. “We might be a little bit biased, but when you look at the science and the results and everything else that’s already been showcased worldwide, it’s going to be a game changer.”

They expect Body Fit Training to gain quick popularity as it expands regionally and nationally — and as Overland Park residents themselves, the couple said they felt this area was a great place for it to start.

“Body Fit focuses on creating a community and a family within your own studio, which is very important to us,” Wendy said. “Stephen and I have been in this community for 24 years. So that was attractive to us as well, bringing health and wellness to the community that we love.”

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