Dew Aesthetics, a ‘one stop shop’ for wellness, opens in downtown Shawnee

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Marisa Burdolski has always had a passion for all things wellness.

Up until this spring, Burdolski fed that passion by working with patients as a nurse practitioner at local clinics and hospitals. Over almost two decades, a desire grew to “go out on her own” and explore aesthetic care — but she wasn’t ready to say goodbye to primary care and her patients from that field.

So earlier this month, she officially marked the beginning of a new chapter by combining those two interests under one brand new umbrella. Burdolski recently opened Dew Aesthetics & Wellness — a new aesthetic clinic nestled in downtown Shawnee.

Dew Aesthetics operates at 5900 Nieman Road

  • The practice moved into a space in downtown Shawnee, just off West 59th Street and Nieman Road.
  • Facing Nieman Road, Dew Aesthetics neighbors recently-opened Shawnee Music Co. and commercial real estate agency Select Sites.
  • Dew Aesthetics operates from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Dew Aesthetics is a “one stop shop” for wellness

Dew Aesthetics offers a range of services, from laser hair removal and facials to medical weight loss treatment and hormone replacement services.

The cash-based clinic also offers direct primary care, or “concierge” care — an annual membership-based form of primary care.

“That gives me the luxury to make my appointment times longer,” Burdolski said. “To be able to spend more time with my patients and kind of meet them where they are.”

At Dew Aesthetics, Burdolski said she aims to promote health and healthy lifestyles as a whole — not just the treatment of disease.

“It’s really just about self-esteem and feeling really good in the skin that you’re in,” she said. “That comes from how you’re eating, how hydrated you are, and how healthy you are. And your skin is your biggest organ, so it’s going to feed off the health of your body.”

This is Burdolski’s first business of her own

Before working as a family nurse practitioner at the KC Full Circle clinic, Burdolski spent 17 years at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City — spending time as a nurse aide, a pediatric nurse and a burn nurse.

She grew to love taking care of skin — and everything surrounding it, from anti-aging treatment to regenerative medicine. A Shawnee resident herself, Burdolski said she felt like the growing downtown Shawnee area served as the perfect place to start her new practice.

After all, she said, northeast Johnson County feels like home — and that’s how she wants Dew Aesthetics clients to feel too.

“I want a really cozy, comfortable feel with my clinic,” she said. “I want it to feel like (my patients) are just coming over to a friend’s house.”

Ultimately, Burdolski said, she wants Dew Aesthetics to be a “judgment free zone” for people looking to feel and look their best.

“What I want to do is just provide this really personalized level of care that I’ve never seen (elsewhere),” she said. “I really just want to establish these really trusting and genuine relationships with my patients.”

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