Bodybar Pilates now offering ‘upbeat’ workouts in southern Overland Park

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A new fitness studio offering a “fiercely effective” pilates experience has arrived in Johnson County.

Bodybar Pilates, a Texas-based fitness company with franchises across the U.S., recently opened a new studio in southern Overland Park.

Bodybar Pilates operates at 13340 Metcalf Ave.

  • The studio operates out of a space at the Deer Creek Woods shopping center, just off West 133rd Street and Metcalf Avenue.
  • A blood drawing center for Prometheus Lab Draw Sites previously occupied the space.
  • Bodybar Pilates offers classes every day of the week, though class times vary from day to day.

Bodybar Pilates offers strength and endurance classes

  • The studio offers a variety of classes geared toward benefits like strength, balance, muscle toning and flexibility.
  • Each class incorporates typical pilates equipment like jump boards, tower springs and stability chairs to focus on things like core strengthening and balance.
  • Classes are typically 40 to 50 minutes long.
  • The studio offers single classes at $32 each, as well as memberships ranging from $99 monthly (which covers four classes per month) to $199 monthly (with unlimited classes).

This marks Bodybar’s first Johnson County studio

  • The fitness company has another Kansas studio in Wichita, as well as a Kansas City, Missouri location.
  • Bodybar Pilates is headquartered in Forth Worth, Texas, and in addition to its five Texas studios, it has franchises in other states, including California, Florida and Arizona.
  • Bodybar Pilates also serves as one of the latest in a surge of new fitness-centered additions to Johnson County — most recently joining District One Athletics, HotWorx and Crunch Fitness this spring.

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